What is the "net grant?"

Net Grant = Total Grant Amount MINUS the time and resources expended to seek and implement the grant.

This tool will help grantmakers and grantseekers calculate and better understand the true cost to your organizations – and to the sector as whole – of making and seeking grants.


Decide which grants to pursue

You can use the tool to help you calculate – and understand – your return on investment for grantseeking activities and ensure that you’re spending time on what’s most important. The Net Grant Calculator can help you decide which grants to pursue and help you prioritize those grants with the highest net grant value to your organization.

Data-Driven Grants

Use data about specific grant opportunities to make informed decisions.

Reflect and Learn

Analysis that matches your organization's grant management processes.


Know the cost of your grant programs

You want to ensure that the cost to run each of your programs does not eat away at the benefit it offers, and that you are spending time and money on the right parts of the grantmaking process. The Net Grant Calculator helps you map your grantmaking process and understand how much it costs to run each of your grant programs and the amount of time and resources expended by potential grantees to apply.

Flexible Analysis

Evaluate and improve grant practices to increase grant efficiency.

Simple Security

Securely Store information about grant programs to ensure privacy.

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