About the Net Grant Calculator

The Net Grant Calculator helps both grantmakers and grantseekers evaluate the net value a grant will provide. For grantseekers, the calculator provides a tool to help decide which grants to pursue. For grantmakers, the calculator helps understand the impact on grantees of application and management processes and helps identify ways to increase their grants’ net value to grantees. It also helps grantmakers understand the cost of running a grant program to help identify ways to streamline internal processes.

We built the Net Grant Calculator to help organizations maximize their net grant values to help ensure as much net grant money as possible goes to program and service delivery.

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How to Use the Net Grant Calculator

To get the most value from this tool, you’ll need information about who in your organization is involved with different stages of the grant process and how much time they spent. If you don’t know exact numbers, you can use estimates and still get a good sense of the net value of a particular grant or program.

It will also help to have an idea of the salaries of people involved in the grant process. Don’t worry; we understand that salaries are sensitive information, and the tool doesn’t ask for names. But understanding how much time staff members are spending and the cost of that time is a key component in assessing net grant values. If you don’t know or don’t want to input that information, you can use industry averages, which the tool will help you fill in based on job title.

The Organizations Behind the Net Grant Calculator

PEAK Grantmaking

PEAK Grantmaking is a vibrant, member-led national association of more than 4,000 professionals who specialize in grants management for funding organizations. Together, we share knowledge and foster collaboration to strengthen practice. We enable philanthropy to achieve its full potential to fuel change for good. We are the only organization dedicated solely to advancing the how of grantmaking—the operations that funders undertake to make grants and assess the impact of those investments. We work at the intersection where Practice Meets Purpose.

New America

New America: Founded in 1999, New America is a think tank and civic enterprise committed to renewing American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the Digital Age. We generate big ideas, bridge the gap between technology and policy, and curate broad public conversation.

Mulligan Fund

The Mulligan Fund is dedicated to helping create stronger and more effective organizations in the not-for-profit sector. Through tools, research, pooled funding, and capacity-building technical assistance, Mulligan Fund leverages capital - philanthropic, intellectual, and human - to support and scale world-changing ideas and organizations.