Cost to Applicants

It costs grantees time (and therefore money) to manage grant awards. How much is left once those costs are calculated for grant-supported activities?

Total Expected Value

The average grant size expected for successful applicants.

(Total Grant Amount / # of grants)
* (# of grants /# of applicants)

Calculated Grant Cost

The total cost to the grantee to apply for, manage, and report on an average awarded grant, calculated by looking at the time spent and salaries of people working on the grant.

Net Grant Value

The amount of funding available to the grantee net of grant costs. In other words, the amount of funding that will be available from this grant once all costs are calculated.

Costs to your Organization

What does it cost your organization to administer this grant program?

Cost to Administer Grant Program

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Grantmaking achieves its broadest impact when true partnerships unite grantmakers and grantseekers in service to the greater good. Based on trust and respect, these partnerships ascribe equal value to the experiences, resources, and needs of each partner.

Grantmakers that respect the grantee experience rightsize the grantmaking process for the type, size, and/or previous relationships with grantees and implement flexible practices that consider that not all grantseekers bring the same resources to the process.

Grants management professionals are at the nexus of their organizations and those seeking grants. They can implement practices and policies that build trust, redefine the power balance, and narrow the power gap.

Board members and senior leaders at grantmaking organizations should commit to intentionally building power and capacity within nonprofit partners and to ceding space for solutions that come from grantseekers and grantees.

PEAK Grantmaking calls on grantmakers to adopt policies and practices that shift grantmaking to a more balanced partnership for social change and give up some of their power.

Read more about Narrowing the Power Gap here.